No Mess, No Stress Dog Wash... and More!!

Red Rover® is the first and only do-it-yourself dog wash (and more!) on Hilton Head Island. Dropping your dog off for a bath or groom is often stressful for the little guy. They are just not wired for the separation thing. That’s why Red Rover® revolves around Do-It-Yourself bathing and grooming. But, if time is short and the need is long, we also offer friendly, professional full service.

Dog WashOur goal is to help you keep your dog healthy and happy. To that end, Red Rover® offers the best dog food on the planet – Grade-A, meat-based nutrition to ensure healthy coats, skin, attitudes and organs. We also offer Boarding and PlayCare and a variety of very cool products and services that you won’t easily find
anywhere else.