Fun For Rover...Peace Of Mind For You

Our policies, procedures, people and facility are all designed to ensure SAFETY, CLEANLINESS, COMFORT, FUN and CONVENIENCE.




Dogs don’t like surprises... they love to follow a happy, comfortable routine. Here is a typical day at Red Rover:


Double-Bubble SPAW Experience Pricing*
  Small Medium Large XLarge
Coat Size $30 $35 $40 $50
*Flea dip is an additional $20

Before 1st Time Boarding or PlayCare

  1. Complete our Pet/Client Profile and bring it with you to your first visit.
  2. Make sure vaccines are up-to-date
  3. Schedule Temperament Assessment – the process below is designed to accomplish the following objectives:
    1. Give your dog multiple memories of arriving, staying and being picked up from Red Rover. This goes
      a long way in helping them avoid separation anxiety and settle in more quickly and comfortably.
    2. Help us understand the “parents”, and hear any concerns and/or answer questions.
    3. Help us understand your dog in terms of their personality and tendencies. This will better ensure we place him/her in an appropriate play group.


TEMPERAMENT ASSESSMENT VISIT … for PlayCare. You and your dog visit Red Rover to get a feel for the place and meet our staff, then your dog will stay for PlayCare. He or she will meet other dogs and spend time in a play group; most dogs settle in quickly and have fun during this initial visit. When you pick up your dog, he/she will now have an important memory of you returning to pick up him/her.

What to Bring for Boarding

  1. Food for each meal + 2/3 days extra - just in case of change in travel plans
  2. A t-shirt, blanket or the like that has your scent on it; this makes his/her room more like home

Boarding Pricing

Boarding Pricing
  1st Dog 2nd Dog
Small Suite^ $49/night $44/night
Private Medium Suite $54/night $49/night*
Private Large Suite $59/night $54/night*
*In same suite with 1st dog
^Potentially shared with other small dogs

Complimentary baths for 6+ nights!

PlayCare Pricing
Full day or 5+ Hours - $35
Half day or less than 5 Hours - $25
10x Package - 5% discount
20x Package - 8% discount
30x Package - 10% discount

To request a reservation, please complete the Boarding request or the PlayCare request.