DIY Dog Wash

Red Rover®’s waist-high tubs, with temperature-controlled, jet-stream water, can accommodate dogs of all sizes. Tubs are cleaned and disinfected after every wash. Choose from a variety of specialty shampoos and conditioners. We also have brushes and combs for all coat types, super-absorbent towels, nail clippers, ear and eye wipes and forced-air dryers. Even gloves and an apron to keep you dry!

No appointment necessary – come on over, but keep in mind that the last bath is at 4 p.m.! Click here for tips on what to do and what to expect.

DIY Dog Wash Pricing: $20*
*Flea dip is an additional $20.
Double-Bubble SPAW Experience

Drop your dog off for VID (Very Important Dog) treatment – a double-bubble bath, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed, either nails clipped or teeth cleaned based on need, thorough drying, brush-out, leave-in conditioner and TLC. Please call ahead for an appointment. If your dog is heavily matted, we recommend a groom – getting mats wet only makes them worse!

Double-Bubble SPAW Experience Pricing*
Coat Size  
Small $30
Medium $35
Large $40
X-Large $50
*Flea dip is an additional $20.
De-Shedding Treatment
De-Shedding Treatment Pricing*
Coat Size  
Small $50
Medium $55
Large $60
X-Large $70
*Flea dip is an additional $20.
Full-Service Grooming

A deep-clean bath, clip (per the breed or your preference), nail trim, ear cleaning and glands expressed.

Full-Service Groom Pricing*
Coat Size  
Small $50 - $60
Medium $55 - $65
Large $65 - $85
X-Large From $85

*Additional fees may apply per coat condition.

Please call to schedule an appointment. For the first groom, please allow 15 minutes for an evaluation, price confirmation, and to confirm your specific preferences regarding the haircut.

A La Carte SPAW Menu

When a few areas need attending, but Rover doesn’t need a full groom.

A La Carte Spaw Pricing
De-Matting $20/Hour
Ear Cleaning $7
Face Trim $15
Feet Trim $15
Gland Tune-Up (Anals Expressed) $10
Nail Clip + Filing $17
“Sanitation” Clip $13
Teeth Cleaning/Breath Freshener $15
Flea Dip $20
Brush Out $20
Best Food On The Planet

Just like when we shop for people food, look at the ingredients on dog food labels. And, just like our food, the primary ingredients are listed first. If it starts with corn, wheat, soy or a byproduct, you can do better!

We carry the super-premium brands below. All feature human-grade meat, no byproducts, fillers or preservatives. It's Grade-A stuff ...

Super-Premium Brands Available
compared to its sister-brand, Orijen, Acana is a comfortable middle ground for customers transitioning from “junk” dog food into a fresh based, grain-free food
Blue Buffalo
you can have confidence in this healthy, holistic food.
*Canned food also available
economical and Platinum line for older and/or
overweight dogs
*Canned food also available
one of the oldest and most trusted brands
*Canned food also available
Fromm Four Star and Gold
4-star cuisine offers a wide variety of entrees
*Canned food also available
"Comfort for the Soul" is this canned food’s guiding mission.
ingredients like free-range wild boar, grass-fed lamb and farm-raised fish are delivered FRESH daily
our choice for raw food which is soooo
good for dogs!
Taste of the Wild
satisfy your dog's instinctive cravings with the kind of natural, balanced diet he could find "in the wild"
*Canned food also available

We carry brands we know best, but there are other great brands out there. We are happy to order food upon request, as long as it’s a super-premium brand!

Cool Stuff

You won’t easily find these clever products anywhere else! From a wide variety of grooming products, paw pad balm, diet supplements and travel tools, we carry items that help you keep your dog happy and healthy.

Good Info & Other Favorites

Food Pets Die For
Feeding Bones and Raw Food (BARF)