SPAW Services

Double-Bubble SPAW Experience

Drop your dog off for VID (Very Important Dog) treatment – a double-bubble bath, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed, either nails clipped or teeth cleaned (your choice), thorough drying, brush-out, leave-in conditioner and TLC. Please call ahead for an appointment. If your dog is heavily matted, we recommend a groom – getting mats wet only makes them worse!

Double-Bubble SPAW Experience Pricing*

$30 per Small Coat

$35 per Medium Coat

$40 per Large Coat

$50 per X-Large Coat

*Flea dip is an additional $20.


De-Shedding Treatment

Our Double-Bubble SPAW Experience with extra time and elbow grease removing as much undercoat as possible.

De-Shedding Treatment Pricing*

$50 per Small Coat

$55 per Medium Coat

$60 per Large Coat

$70 per X-Large Coat

*Flea dip is an additional $20.


Full-Service Grooming

A deep-clean bath, clip (per the breed or your preference), nail trim, ear cleaning and glands expressed.

Please call 843-671-9274 to schedule an appointment. For the first groom, our groomer will meet with you to confirm your preferences and expectations.

Full-Service Groom Pricing*

$50 – $55 per Small Coat

$55 – $65 per Medium Coat

$65 – $85 per Large Coat

From $85 per X-Large Coat

*Additional fees may apply per coat condition.


DIY Dog Wash

Red Rover®’s waist-high tubs, with temperature-controlled, jet-stream water, can accommodate dogs of all sizes. Tubs are cleaned and disinfected after every wash. Choose from a variety of specialty shampoos and conditioners. We also have brushes and combs for all coat types, super-absorbent towels, ear wipes and forced-air dryers. Even an apron to keep you dry!

No appointment necessary – come on over, but keep in mind that the last bath is at 4 p.m.! Click here for tips on what to do and what to expect.

DIY Dog Wash Pricing*

$20 per Dog

*Flea dip is an additional $20.


A La Carte SPAW Menu

When a few areas need attending, but Rover doesn’t need a full groom.

$7  Ear Cleaning

$15 Face Trim

$15 Feet Trim

$10 Gland Tune-Up (Anals Expressed)

$17 Nail Clip + Filing

$13 “Sanitation” Clip

$15 Teeth Cleaning/Breath Freshener

$20 Brush Out


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Red Rover® is on the south end of the island. Easy access from Hwy. 278, Cross Island Parkway and Pope Avenue!

Boarding Drop-off & Pick-up:
6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday-Sunday
PlayCare Drop-off & Pick-up:
8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday
Grooming & SPAW Services:
By Appointment
DIY Dog Wash:
8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday-Saturday
843-671-9274 (WASH)